Benefits Of Fishing At Night


man fishing at sunsetThe reason why fishing during the night results to catching more fish than fishing during the day is that fish are more active during the night than during the day. During the night, it’s easier for them to find the bait. Also, during the night the water temperatures are cool, and the possibilities of catching more fish even on the shallow waters are higher than during the day. During the day, the fish dive down to the cooler deeper waters to escape the heat on the water upper layers.



Minimal Competition

This is another reason as to why fishing at night is more successful. During the night, there is reduced competition as compared to the day. Commonly people are not nocturnal and during this time you’d probably be alone fishing and probably have the entire water for yourself, unlike during the day when the majority of the people spend their time casting their lines


Less Windy

Often days are characterized by windy currents that make the waters rough. During the night, the waters are much more calm since the wind blows less in the evening. High currents interfere with the boat movements and the number of fish available on the various water levels.


Tips for angler to be a better night fisherman


For those who fish using a rod and a fishing line here are some of the useful tips that can make you a better night fisherman.
Most of the anglers complain that they cannot see anything during the night. This is true since some nights are much darker than others depending on the moon cycle. It’s therefore, recommended that you use as little white light if needed and after ten minutes the eyes become conditioned to the low light and hence one is able of easily picking up shadows.

Another important tip to become a better fisherman at night depends on the bait selection. Darker colors are highly recommended when night fishing, than the bright ones. This is because darker colors are easier to spot than the bright ones when the moon is shining brightly.
Lastly, to be a better fisherman during the night, it’s important to ensure that you do proper planning and make sure to take along warm clothes since summer nights can get cold. It’s also advisable to check with the waters you intend to go fishing since some places do not allow fishing during the evening.