Why I Prefer Live Bait Over Artificial

fishing on dockFishing is not only about the place or source you are fishing from but mostly it is all about the kind of equipment you are using to fish. There are normally several ways to fish which includes use of live bait and lures among other things. But, always there is that one which is better and effective at all times in all seasons.

Live bait is definitely easy to use and very effective in comparison with lures. It normally catches more fish, and it is designed to fit almost every fishing situation. For example, you can use it in ice fishing as well as saltwater fishing.


Below are the reasons why live bait is better than lures when fishing

Most fishermen (including myself) like fishing that requires less effort because it is more relaxing. That is what live baits offers. It is very easy to use live bait effectively for all you need. Just let it sit because it requires no action, unlike lures which are so engaging and requires one to monitor it throughout the process of fishing.

Unlike lures, which provides shallow presentation, live baits offers great and deep presentation. It is the best way to catch several fish at a time, and it is easy to carry out and requires less skills. This is why many fisherman choose this method versus lures.

Some lures can be dangerous to use because it can cause harm to delicate fish like trout. Lures have treble hooks which can temper with the fish. But, if you want a sure and safe fishing expedition, then live bait is what you need to use. It does no harm to any kind of fish, its hooks are well designed.

Compared to artificial bait, live bait is cheaper, and it is actually the best equipment to fish with. It also lasts for a longer period of time compared to lures, even if your hooks are used daily. Also, the cost of one lure can be extremely expensive. However, if you are using live bait, you are catching it yourself, so there is no continual cost.


It is quite evident that live bait is far superior to lures. If you are going out on that perfect fishing trip, one of the most important things you will need is effective live bait.