ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Review


ALPS PackThere many colors, sizes and styles of hunting bags available on the market. The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander is an exceptional hunting bag designed for the kind of users who are not lean in travel items. This bag is designed for durability and greater capacity than other hunting bags available. This package is highly rated among available hunting bags on the market.

Some of the features found in ALPS OutdoorZ Commander include: various compartments, more padding providing extra comfort, freighter frame and a large capacity for carrying items. Even with all of these features, this bag still remains lightweight.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander is a light weight hunter bag that allows for ease of use by campers. It is possible to carry more items using this bag because the camper user not have to worry about weight of bag. The weight of this bag is approximately 2 pounds. Despite being lightweight, the space available is a total of 5250 inches. This bag also allows for more carriage as well as ease of movement.

This pack has more padding for more comfort. The different padding allow for orderly packaging, allowing the hunter to hike comfortably to whatever destination. The waist belt and shoulder straps are efficiently padded to ensure that the camper does not hurt his shoulders or cause muscles strains resulting from the strap’s friction with the body. The back side is also well padded to allow for extra cushioning even as the user moves around carrying the bag.

The many compartments in the bag allow the camper to properly package the items they need most. Many hunters have various items that cannot be crammed into one area. The ALPS OutdoorZ Commander is the kind of bag that allows campers to partition items and pack them appropriately into the bag while at the same time maintaining good order. There are partitions designed for rifle holding, spot lights, travel water etc. There are just enough compartments for the owner to be able to carry just enough items that they need.


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