Proper Fish Freezing

fresh fishNot every day is a fishing day. It is, thereby, a must to understand how to utilize the fresh fish caught for longer use. There are many essential things that need to be looked after for proper use and understanding of the process. There are some basic rules you need to follow even after the best tips for freezing fish. A fish under no circumstances should be saved or frozen more than 6 months. If you cannot eat up the frozen fish in 6 months you might have to waste it after all.


There following methods are my recommendations for freezing fish:


Keeping Fish cold

The very first step is to keep your fish cold—very cold indeed—once it has been caught. Use an ice cooler for this purpose. The first and foremost rule to keep a fish fresh is to keep it cool. While hunting or fishing, you need to have exactly doubled the count of ice to immobilize it and keep it fresh. If your fish weighs around 1 pound then you would require exactly 2 pounds of ice for freezing it.


Air is the enemy

Air is your biggest enemy in case of catching the fish and freezing it fresh. You can either invest in a vacuum free freezer or else you can use freezer bags and vapor resistant sheets.


Fresh air after freezing: Is a bad idea indeed

Another common mistake people make after freezing the fish is its use. A fish should never be microwaved after it has been frozen. Your fish should thaw slowly in a fridge or cold water never on room temperature or in microwave. These are fish thaw crimes.


Lemon Gelatin Glaze

This can be prepared using lemon juice and water. Gelatin that is unflavored should be dissolved in water and the lemon mixture. The liquid should be left to boil and add the gelatin mixture into the boiling mixture. Next you can cool it to room temperature and dip the cold fish into the gelatin mixture. Finally wrap the fish in to some vapor resisting material or package and freeze for future use.

Fish lovers can actually now enjoy fishing and coming back home for few months of stock and supply of fish. It is fairly easy to do and a certified training can also be attained to become better at self- preservation techniques.