Lures For Sunny Day

bass lure

Contrary to what most people may think, bass can actually see colors. Biologists will argue that bass can see red and green colors better than humans can. In the water, colors change depending on the depth they are perceived at. Some become clearer and others fade into nothingness. So the color of the lure used is critical, if at all you want to catch the big bass. As a rule of thumb, you will want to use a little bit brighter lures when fishing in clearer waters. Keeping other conditions constant, read on to know the specifics as far as types and colors of lures for sunny day fishing are concerned.

Lighter and brighter lures

I can’t stress this enough. This is the key point to consider when fishing in sunny weather. Focus on using lures that present a subtle solid outline at different depth. Also go for lures that are a bit more translucent. The recommended colors that have been seen to work more efficiently are white, yellow, silver, gray, smoke or any other color that appears clear in sunny weather. So here is the secret. If by looking at the lure it appears clear in that weather, then it will make you catch that number of bass that you are aiming to achieve at the end of your fishing expedition.

Lures That Are Reflective

Crankbaits and surface lures which have chrome or even gold outlines, spinnerbaits which are gold or copper plated and soft plastic baits which are transparent are recommended for this. Under sunny conditions, the reflective nature of the finish tends to be persistent all through the water depth, thus it lures even the fish lying deep beneath the water.

The Remedy

Loosely speaking, fish are sight feeders. This means that they are attracted to objects that are more appealing to their eyes. Narrowing down to sunny weather, the light penetration increases and the fish is able to see more clearly in great depths. In fact they are able to see even highly camouflaged objects and preys.

This also implies that they are in a position to spot and discern the flaws in our lures or minor details that tell them that our lures are not the real thing For this reason, the choice of lures becomes a daunting challenge when you are not aware of these very important facts. However, keeping a lure as transparent, bright and reflective as possible will definitely make it be perceived as a true meal by the game fish that you are going after. They will be tricked into eating it and bam! You will bag your catch.