Lures To Use In Overcast Conditions

cloudyThere are several success factors to consider when going fishing. These includes things like water temperature, spawn stage, clarity of the skies and time of year among others. That is why it is important to prepare in the right way thereby increasing your chances of bring home a trophy catch. It does not matter what reel that you decide to use, the weather plays a big part when it comes to fishing, and it is important to know what color of lures to use on any given climatic condition.

It is a well-known fact by expert fishermen all around that fish behave differently in different weather conditions. This means that their behavior during sunny days is completely different than in overcast days even when all other conditions remain constant.

It is important to note that most fish see colors. This is because their eyes have both rods and cones. This makes them perceive different colors in a variety of ways. Another important factor that one should keep in mind is that light travels differently in water than it does in air. Therefore, different colors are perceived differently at various depths. Therefore, as we all know, the color or the lure you choose might mean the difference between catching fish and going back home empty handed.

On a cloudy day, the colors of light will not penetrate the waters as deeply as they would on a sunny day. Since there is not much light to go around, it has been my experience that fish feel more secure from predators and tend to move around quite a bit from their normal hiding places. This makes a cloudy day excellent time to catch some big ones.

Therefore, lures that are in bone white, black, brown, red, peach or chartreuse, or purple are more advisable. This is because a lure that has a reflective finish will most often than not disappear from view. This is because it becomes sort of a mirror reflecting the gray color around it.