How To Keep Pets Safe From Coyotes

coyote in the wildCoyotes are leaving the wild and coming into residential neighborhoods. This is partly due to the rapid increase in their population. Coyotes are predators, which attack smaller animals like cats, dogs and rabbits when they are hungry. So you must do all you can to prevent them from coming to your yard to molest or kill your pets. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your pets safe from coyotes.

Don’t Leave Pets Unattended

Never allow your pet to stay outdoors or close to a window or door alone when you are not there. Keep all your pets, especially small dogs and cats, indoors in the evening and at dawn. Don’t assume that your fence will stop coyotes from coming into your yard. When you are walking outdoors with your pet, keep it on a short leash (preferably six feet or shorter). No matter how tempting it may seem, don’t let your dog off a leash to chase a coyote away.

Monitor Your Yard for Coyotes

Always use powerful outdoor lighting to monitor your yard for coyotes. Remember that coyotes are more active at dawn and at dusk. So check your yard carefully at these times of the day. When you are checking your yard, take a mobile phone with you so you can call for help. Also, keep a whistle on your neck to raise an alarm and get help from neighbors. If you see a coyote coming close to you or your pet. Attach the leash to your bet, take off your coat raise it above your head and wave it. Then shout to chase the coyote away.

Don’t Leave Pet Food and Fallen Fruit in the Yard

Hungry coyotes usually look for left over pet food in the yard before they even try to launch an attack on your pet. So be sure to remove all pet food and clean up your grill. If your neighbors have spotted coyotes in your area, you should feed your pets indoors. Also, clean up your yard regularly, especially if you have fruit trees. The fallen fruit will naturally attract these animals to your yard often. You should also keep all your trash cans and waste bins tightly locked and use sturdy bins that can’t be knocked over easily by a coyote.


Use A Coyote Call To See If They Are Around


If you follow the above steps it should stop coyotes from coming around your place. If you want to verify they are gone, it may be a wise move to obtain a decent electronic predator call to see if they are still around.


With this simple tips, you can keep your pets safe from coyotes. You need to be vigilant, keep your small pets indoors, clean up your yard and ensure that you have a means of calling for help if you spot a coyote in your yard or neighborhood.