How To Stop Scaring Deer When Hunting


dear in woodsMany game hunters now use their ATVs to do deer hunting. In fact, many people who own 4-wheelers prefer to use them to get to their tree stands and to lug their game back to their camping site. However, the noise of the engine can serve as a threat to your game. On the other hand, your vehicle can become an extremely useful tool if you know how to hunt deer effectively with an ATV. Here are some expert tips on how to stop your quad from spooking the deer you want to hunt.

Drive the ATV to the Hunting Territory Frequently

The key to hunting deer successfully with an ATV is to make the deer population familiar with the appearance, noise and exhaust fumes (if it is gasoline powered) long before the hunting season opens. So you should drive it to your tree stand location often. Preferably, ride it at least once or twice a week for about three to four weeks before the hunting season opens. This will make the deer get accustomed to the sound, smell and sight of your machine.

Use Your ATV in a Non-Threatening Way

Every time you ride your ATV into the forest during the pre-season preparation, make sure you don’t do anything that can threaten your game. In fact, you should do your best to avoid any typical hunting activity such as holding ammunition, mounting a stand or walking on foot when you take your vehicle for these preparatory trips. Simply drive to your preferred tree stand, rest for a while and then ride to another location before you take your exit. This will help the animals to feel that your vehicle is not a major threat to them.

Don’t Park the ATV Far Away


Avoid the amateur advice or tactic of parking the ATV far from your hunting stand and trekking on foot. Apart from the fear and inconvenience involved in parking hundreds of yards from your destination, you will also create a trail that could chase the smart deer away. In fact, if you can take your vehicle to the hunting territory often before you do any real hunting, your game will not go into hiding on the day you want to actually start hunting. To your surprise, you could see a deer coming out shortly after you park and mount your tree stand.


These simple tips will enable you to stop scaring deer away any time you want to hunt. The main secret to using an ATV for hunting is to make sure that your target becomes used to the sight and sound for several weeks without associating it with a threat to their lives.