Safety With ATV While Hunting


atv in woodsAn all-terrain vehicle (ATV) has become a popular means of transport for hunting trips. It has the ability to navigate through very narrow animal paths and take you through deep forests. An ATV also comes with large haulage capacity for carrying hunting and camping gear and large game. However, it is important to bear the following points in mind when you are planning to take your ATV out for hunting:

Keep Your ATV in Top Working Condition

Maintaining your ATV in excellent working condition is vital if you don’t want to get stuck when you navigate thick forests or desert lands for hunting. You need to learn how to change your engine oil and filter and lubricate your drive chains. Learning how to change your tires and spark plugs as well as how to fix a dead battery could make all the difference if your ATV develops a fault while you are camping.

Know the ATV Safety Rules

Like all other motorized vehicles, your ATV comes with its own safety rules, which you should always obey. Based on the information provided by the ATV Safety Institute (ASI), the following golden rules should be kept:

* Always put on a DOT-compliant helmet, gloves, googles, ankle boots, long pants, and long sleeves.
* Do not ride your ATV on paved roads except when crossing; use them only off-highways.
* Do not carry a passenger when you are riding a single-rider ATV.
* Ride an ATV that is meant for your age.
* Never ride under influence of drugs or alcohol.

Check Up the Laws Concerning the Use of ATV’s

Due to the impact that the noise and exhaust fumes of the Quad’s have on the environment, some states and local authorities have made their use illegal. So ensure that you can use your 4 wheeler legally on any forest area or property before you set out for hunting. Even where they are not totally banned, you should be aware that shooting game from a moving vehicle is outlawed in most states.

Respect Other Hunters and Campers

Some campers complain about the noise that Quad’s make. So when you are in a camping or hunting area with other hunters, it is better to shut off your 4-wheeler and trek. Some hunters feel that the noise of the ride will spook their deer or scare their game away. However, in some cases, you could also reduce the noise of your machine by adding another muffler.


Those are some of the most important things you should know before you take your ATV out for hunting. If you ensure that your 4-wheeler is in top condition and you observe basic hunting etiquette, you should be able to enjoy the full benefits of your machine.