ultralight reelSince the summer has just begun, it is the high time for fishermen to get ready. This is the perfect time to enjoy your time on the water… it’s not too cold and not too hot. Fishing is an amazing sport and a nice way to enjoy the outdoors. But, this enjoyment will not be possible without the right gear. If you love the challenge of fishing with light gear, then an ultra light spinning model may be right for you. Are you confused with selecting the best ultra light spinning reel? If yes, then below are some of the best compact reels on the market.


Shimano AAXULSAaaxulsa4.3
Okuma Ultraliteokuma ultralite4.1
Daiwa Sweepfiresweepfire4.4
Shimano Sedonasedona4.6
Abu Garcia Orraorra4.5






This reel is 8.9 ounces and has a graphite side plate, frame and rotor. The ported handle shank reduces the overall weight of the reel, and the die cast aluminum spool gives it excellent casting performance and durability. The oval oscillation gear makes it have very consistent spool speed. The one-way roller bearing eliminates backplay. Counter-balancing techniques were used with this reel to decrease wobble during retrieve. It has a 4 pound drag and a 4.2:1 gear ratio. This reel is dependable and affordable. Couple that with the fact that it is well engineered and durable, making it an excellent option and one of the options available.



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Okuma Ultralite


okuma ultralite

Being 7.2 ounces makes this the lightest option reviewed. Despite its light weight, it is made with high quality materials and is tested for quality and reliability. Three bearings give it a smooth retrieval. It has a 4/200 line capacity and a 4.4:1 gear ratio. This reel actually allows you to hold more line than most reels its size (the most of any of the reels reviewed). This brand is synonymous with quality and has been used internationally for years by professionals. This is a great option for a quality ultralight product that will not break the bank.


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Daiwa Sweepfire


sweepfireAt 9.9 ounces, this particular one is the heaviest of the reels reviewed. But, what it lacks in being lightweight, it more than makes up in construction. This product has been tested for durability and quality and manufactured using high quality components. The ABS aluminum spool helps with the durability and casting performance. Smooth Digi Gear precision gives this reel increased speed on retrieval. The 4.4 pound maximum drag makes this reel ideal for larger catches. It also has a 155 yard line capacity. The 2 ball bearing drive makes it smooth on casting and gives it increased performance on retrieval.


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Shimano Sedona



The frame, side plate and rotor are all made of graphite to ensure this reel is lightweight. The Super Stopper II technology used in this model has a one-way bearing that eliminates backplay. This product has one of the smoothest casts of any model reviewed. The varispeed oscillation ensures a consistent spool speed, and the aluminum spool gives it excellent casting performance. The shielded stainless steel ball bearings contribute to the reel’s durability and longevity. The quality materials and excellent workmanship used on this reel makes is a great option if you have to go through rugged terrain to get to your favorite fishing spot. If you want a reel that is built to last, this is an excellent option.

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Abu Garcia Orra , Size 10


orraAt 8.3 ounces, it the optimal weight for an ultralight design. It comes with 6 stainless steel bearings with another roller for better protection from corrosion. Even though it is lightweight, the gears are perfectly aligned making casting smooth and retrieval easy. This reel has the rocket line management system which will give you better control with various types of fishing lines. It has a 5.8:1 gear ratio…the best of any of the reels reviewed. The rocket spool lip design gives better control of the line going off the spool which will help with more accurate casting. This is an excellent option for salt water fishing as it is durable and has smooth drag performance.



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With loads of choices available, selecting a good product. Whether you are pro or novice, selecting a high quality product is necessary for the perfect fishing. One should consider the factors such as durability, easy handling and price before purchasing something.The following are some details about a few important features of different models.




Bodies of reels are made up of different materials; some are made-up of graphite while others of aluminum. Aluminum bodies are stronger while graphite bodies are lighter. So you have to decide whether weight is important or strength. But usually aluminum bodies are more preferable for freshwater and graphite bodies are recommended for saltwater. Weight is also an important factor as heavier reels can take away from the enjoyment of using light gear. Most times, the reel’s weight is mentioned in ounces. So, do consider the weight when shopping for reel.




Size selection depends upon the size of fishing line you are planning to use. Ten pound test line is the highest strength and diameter used on a reel. For lighter line you should purchase smaller reels and vice versa. Usually the line capacity information is mentioned in the product charts, so you can take the help from there. Typically, medium size reels are rated for 6, 8 and 10 pound line.




The spool is fixed on this design. As you turn the handle the bail wraps the line on spool. So the gear ratio in a spinning reel is the number of times the bail move around the spool with every turn of the handle. It is mentioned as 4:1 i.e. with ever turn of handle; bail rotates 4 times around the spool. A 4:1 ratio is usually considered as a slow-speed reel where as 6:1 is considered as a high-speed reel. The speed rate depends upon your fishing style.




Drag system is one of the important features in spinning reel. It is responsible for applying right pressure to hook a fish and letting out the line. Make sure you are purchasing a reel which has smooth and non-constrictive drag. Whatever tension you set out the drag at, the line should pull out progressively. Drag system is available in two styles: rear and front drag. The major difference between the two is that front gear has more features and is preferred for hard fighting fish. On the other hand, rear drag system is easy to use but is recommended for the small fish because of their lightness.


Why A Spinning Reel Setup Is Good To Use


People who like to go fishing, both for sport and as a means to their livelihood should be familiar with all types of reels. Those who do it for sport are likely  not to know as much about fishing equipment as the professional angler.

I am sure you have heard debates, and read on the internet in message forums about which fishing reel is the best. Some believe that you should not even bother fishing unless you have the latest high dollar bait-cast setup.

While others believe that the old trusty Zebco 33 is all you need. While these debates might seem like gibberish to those who are new to angling, they are important because they can sometimes help you pick out the best reel to use determined by the type of fishing that you are planning to do.

However, this debate should not provide a sweeping conclusions by elevating any one of the reels above the rest because each has its own pros and cons.


The spincast design

This reel is best used by beginners as it is less expensive and extremely affordable for new anglers. Spin cast reels are know for being the best reel for the money because, you get a simple reel that can pull in basic pan fish, and catch the occasional big bass or catfish if you have the drag set correctly and are careful in reeling the fish in.

The affordable nature of this reels makes it great for beginners because you have less to lose in case it gets lost or broken on the first or even second or third trip out. The truth is that spincast reels is not idea for all type of game fishing, but it can get you by when learning to fish.

The baitcast design

This reel costs quite a dime and is mostly used by experienced anglers going after bigger fish. While it does not have line twist and has a sturdy drag system, it is quite difficult to cast and also has backlashes often which can detour a beginner from using it.

In my opinion, a beginner would be served better by using another setup when learning to fish. An experienced angler probably would get the most out of using this setup.

The spinning design

For the medium-pricing, the spinning reel is a good choice when it comes to fishing. It offers any type of angler with just what they need to get the job done. It is great for beginners because it has a lighter line and is easy to cast. While it provides for finesse type of casting, it is also great for beginners who may not know much about angling.

Additionally, its casting distance is quite impressive and it rarely has backlashes. The only hiccup with using this design is that the line twits sometimes. Spinning reels have evolved to accommodate bigger fish.

It is better to use the best ultralight spinning reel as opposed to bait-cast or spincast reels when targeting smaller fish. It is versatile in application, serving both experienced anglers and beginners. It is best used for small to medium fish and while in the past it wasn’t suitable for use with big game fish for a long time, there are models that now cater for this although they are no longer as light as the original spinning reel.

Before you pick the best type of product for your needs you should read many reviews and talk to some of the knowledgeable anglers who are experienced going after the fish that you plan on catching . You can also visit the various online forums to learn more about different anglers experiences with spinning reels to ensure that you cover all your bases before embarking on this exciting journey.



These are the few key features which will definitely help you in purchasing a product the works best for you. Comparison of these features will help you in making the best decision and you will be well on your way to many great fishing trips.