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Why You Should Consider Bow Fishing

Bow fishing is a very interesting activity that allows you to enjoy the fun and adventure of three combined sports: fishing, hunting and archery. If you’ve never tried to catch fish with a bow and arrow, there are several reasons why you should consider it. If you

Best Oil To Fry Fish

It does not matter if you use a simple closed face reel to fish or an expensive bait-caster. Must sportsmen who bring their catch home love how it taste when fried. To prepare fish, you need to use a deep-frying method. Deep frying usually occurs at a

Safety With ATV While Hunting

  An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) has become a popular means of transport for hunting trips. It has the ability to navigate through very narrow animal paths and take you through deep forests. An ATV also comes with large haulage capacity for carrying hunting and camping gear and

How To Stop Scaring Deer When Hunting

  Many game hunters now use their ATVs to do deer hunting. In fact, many people who own 4-wheelers prefer to use them to get to their tree stands and to lug their game back to their camping site. However, the noise of the engine can serve

How To Prevent Your Boat Motor From Scaring Fish

Fish respond to sound in various ways. But most savvy anglers will agree that loud noise, vibration and movement are more likely to scare away the fish you desperately want to catch. So when you fish with a motor boat, it is important to know how to

How To Keep Pets Safe From Coyotes

Coyotes are leaving the wild and coming into residential neighborhoods. This is partly due to the rapid increase in their population. Coyotes are predators, which attack smaller animals like cats, dogs and rabbits when they are hungry. So you must do all you can to prevent them

How To Pick The Right Trolling Motor

A trolling motor is a valuable asset to an angler. It offers better boat control, allows you to catch fish in areas that difficult to access, and transport your fish back to the shore with ease. It also enables to stay on the water for longer hours

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your ATV Hunting

Taking your ATV with you deer hunting will offer you a more rewarding experience. An all-terrain vehicle helps you to gain quick access to areas where you cannot take your truck. Your quad will take you through narrow paths, rough and rugged terrain. It will enable you

Fishing Reel For Beginners

Fishing reels are an essential component of fishing gear. Different models are needed for different bodies of water and fishing styles. There are five essential varieties of fishing reels: bait casting , electric, spinning, fly fishing, and spin casting reels. For beginners, learning the five primary forms

Prevent Line Tangles On Your Fishing Reel

Spending time on the water is a great pastime for many people and many take a lot of interest in it. If you are new to this hobby, of course, you have a lot to learn in the beginning stages. One of the most important things that