Hunt Blind

With the ever increasing number of brands, designs and sizes of packs on the market now, you need to know what to look for when you are on the prowl for the best hunting backpack. Your choice should be determined by the kind of hunting adventures you want to use it for. An ideal backpack should help you to carry and organize all the hunting gear and electronic predator calls that you use, and other items you will need, whether you are going for single day, overnight, or multiple day hunting. When you are out in the woods, you want to make sure that you are carrying everything that you need for the hunt that you are on.


Below Are Some Of The Top Hunting Backpacks Available


ALPS OutdoorZ Commander ALPS Pack4.5
Allen Company Twin Mesa Allen Mesa Twin Pack4.6
Tenzing TC SP14 Tenzing TC SP14 pack4.3
Badlands Stealth Badlands Stealth4.4



ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame , 5250 Cubic Inches



The backpack is essentially two products in one: a superior hunting model and a freighter frame for hauling your meat. It has a main compartment and smaller front pocket along with a several other specialized pockets that will allow you to carry your rifle, flashlight, spotting scope, knife and many other necessities. The freighter frame includes a lashing system that will allow you to secure your meat. The padded waist and shoulder belts will ensure your comfort throughout your trek. It is made of high quality strong materials so you should not have a problem with this pack breaking down in the middle of a trip. The only drawback I see with this bag is that it is not completely waterproof. However, I still believe the pros strongly outweigh the cons for this product.



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ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit



This backpacs boasts a main compartment and a large front pocket with side mesh pockets for holding all of your necessities. The bow pocket can be stowed away when it is not needed. However, when in use, its unique lashing system ensure that your bow is securely stowed away while you are hiking through a variety of terrains. This will allow your hands to remain free at all times. The padded waist belt also has two additional pockets for more storage. There is a hydration pocket and port included and easily accessible throughout your trek. Additionally, a rain cover is included to ensure that your items are properly protected from the elements. In my opinion, this is one of the best values for the price.



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Allen Company Remington Twin Mesa

Allen Mesa Twin Pack



This pack is made of grade-A materials that have been tested for strength and durability. It is cool-meshed lined to ensure your ultimate comfort. The shoulder straps and hip strap is densely padded to ensure comfort and to aid in evenly distributing the weight of the backpack. There are five mesh-lined outside pockets to store everything you will need during your hunting expedition. It offers a long gun carry system with a large rifle sling that can also accommodate a compound bow. This backpack is extremely light-weight (only 1 lb.) and rates high for function and practicality.


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Tenzing TC SP14 Shooter’s

Tenzing TC SP14 pack


The smart design of this device has an open compartment through the center with compression straps to carry a cross bow or rifle. It can also be used as a shooter’s rest. There is no need to remove your rifle from the pack due to this self-contained shooting rest. This will give you quick access to your rifle in a pinch. There are a total of 9 compartments and pockets in this backpack so you will have not issues with having the space to carry all of your essentials. It includes a breathable mesh back pad and stretch waist belt for comfort. There is also an internal fluted aluminum frame stay. The built-in rain pack is helpful to protect from the elements. This bag is comfortable and durable for long hikes and treks.


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Badlands Stealth Realtree AP Xtra BL-BULSTAPX

Badlands Stealth



This bag includes one large compartment and 6 smaller pockets which should be plenty of space for your essentials for the day. It includes a hip belt with pockets for more storage. It also includes many lash points which will allow you to attach more items that will not fit in the many pockets this pack includes. It is super light (2.2 lbs) and is a quiet backpack that will not disturb your prey. The best thing about this bag is the lifetime warranty. If the manufacturer cannot fix the bag, they will replace it at no charge for the consumer.


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Size and Pockets

To get a good estimate of the size of your backpack you should buy, put together all your hunting gear for the greatest and longest hunting trip you plan to make and then carefully measure the amount of space you will need (in three dimensions). Include an extra 20 percent for hauling meat and bulky winter clothing then search for a pack that is close to this size. You should take the measurements in inches so you can have an estimated volume in cubic inches.

Well positioned pockets will make your backpack more functional and easy to use. Most hunters prefer packs that have pockets on the waist belt. These pockets perform the function of pant pockets while your pack is on. In addition, you may consider buying a model with separate compartments for your tripod and spotting scope, especially if you make use them often while hunting.


Fit and Comfort

Like anything you wear, the fit of your bag is very important. Fit will determine the comfort and longevity of the product you decide to get. If it does not have a good fit, you will observe chaffing and premature wear of the frame within a short time. A suitable product should work with your body’s center of gravity. Thus, it will enable you to haul anything comfortably regardless of the type of terrain you are walking on.

The fit of the bag will also determine how you will feel after you have carried it for several hours. This is particularly important when you are bringing back your animal to the truck after a successful hunt. A good model should have an adjustable strapping system that will make it fit perfectly whether you are carrying a 20 lbs. or 40 lbs. load.


Weight Distribution

Various parts of your body are used to carry different kinds of load without injuring your back. So your pack should help to distribute weight effectively. For instance, when you are hauling a heavy load, the hip bones should take most of the weight. If you will be carrying heavy hunting gear for a long distance, you need a product that can shift the load from your spine to your waist.

The best model for heavy gear should have an internal frame that will serve as a kind of secondary spine, thereby taking most of the pressure off your spine. Most of the packs that have a capacity of 2000 cubic inches and above have this type of internal frame system. However, if you are planning for single day hunting trips with less load, a small bag should suffice.


Quality and Warranty

Most hunting backpacks come with a manufacturer’s warranty. So whether you purchase it online or in a physical store, you should take time to inspect the quality of workmanship on it. Don’t take anything for granted. Check for water resistance and look at the internal and external stitching. Check out the zippers, shoulder straps, and ensure that every aspect of the pack has a touch of quality. Remember that the pack’s durability will depend on the quality of workmanship. You don’t want your pack to rip up suddenly while you are far away in the woods.


All the tips provided here are meant to help you choose the best hunting backpack. Bear in mind that you will usually get what you pay for. Buy a pack from a company with a good reputation and you will most likely enjoy it for a long time.