Do you like to varmint hunt? If so, then you need a good call to help you succeed with your next hunt. With the help of the best electronic predator call, you could learn to be a good coyote caller in no time. Modern day calls contain recorded sounds of various animals that may be used to attract a wide variety of wildlife including the coyote, wolf, fox, bear and bobcat. You can also use it to call raccoons, white tails, snow geese, crow and many other animals.


Below Are Some Of The Top Electronic Predator Calls Available


ICOtec GC300GC3004.5
Primos Turbo DoggTurbo Dogg4.4
Primos Alpha DoggPrimos Alpha Dogg Call4.4
Cass Creek Mega AmpMega Amp4.3
Western Rivers Game StalkerGame Stalker4.6



ICOtec GC300—Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call

GC300Good for experienced hunters and beginners alike, this call is one of the best in its price range. Since it is made of plastic, it is lightweight and comfortable to carry. It comes preprogrammed with 12 prey sounds by Wildlife Technologies, a leader in bioacoustics. It can play up to two calls simultaneously and includes all major sounds from the male coyote to a jack rabbit distress call. The volume can be controlled from the remote which has a 300 yard range. It includes 15 watt speakers which will work for ensuring the calls are heard by your prey. The device is ran by 4 AA batteries (not included), but the batteries do come included for the remote. This call is compact and affordable and will do an adequate job of calling your prey.


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Primos Turbo Dogg

Turbo DoggThis call is made of quality materials to aid in those tough weather conditions. It comes standard with 36 sounds and 4 pre-programmed Expert Hunts. Each of these hunts include a 10-20 minute call sequence to help with attracting animals. It has a 25-watt amplifier and a rotating speaker to ensure your sounds are heard by your prey. This call also produces realistic frequency ranges to maximize the projection of your sound. It also includes a USB port for downloading more sounds. The remote has a 150-yard range, but works best in an open field. If you are using this in rugged terrain, you may want to consider attaching it to a tripod for better range when using the remote. In addition to the USB port, it also includes an audio-out port which will allow you to attach another speaker. This is one the best electronic predator calls for the money available.


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Primos Alpha Dogg

Primos Alpha Dogg CallThis product has been tested for tough conditions and situations and delivers in this area. The ergonomic remote has a full color display and the layout is easy to understand and use. The remote range is 200 yards…one of the best in the business. 64 digitally mastered sounds are preset with the ability for you to add or remove sounds. It has 2GB of internal memory which will allow you to store up to 1000 sounds. The speakers are dual 25-watt amps which produce no distortion. Cone speakers can be set to 180 degree rotations for optimal sound projection. It include an audio-out port for additional speakers and an audio-in port so that you can play custom sounds from your MP3 player. In addition to the audio outlets, there is also an auxiliary jack for operating decoys. The case has legs to elevate the call, so there will be no need for a tripod. This call is very effective and will bring confidence to anyone who uses it.


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Cass Creek Mega Amp Predator CC416

Mega AmpThis is the most affordable of all the units reviewed. It is very lightweight (2.7 lbs) and allows you to control with one hand. Although it is very lightweight and easy to carry, it also comes with a belt holder and lanyard loop so that you will have the option of having your hands free. There are 10 calls that are preset for you to choose from during your hunt. The LED indicator light is easy to read, however, it may be a bit bright for night hunting. It uses 3 AA batteries (not included). Although the sound may be distorted on full volume, this is still a highly recommended product for the price.


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Western Rivers Game Stalker Pro Caller Combo with Decoy

Game StalkerThis is a top of the line caller. If you are an expert hunter and are anxious to add an excellent caller to your equipment, this is a viable option. It includes 1GB of storage capacity and holds hundreds of sounds. The caller is preloaded with 400 game calls. Additional sounds are also available online for download. The remote has a 250 yard range with a liquid crystal green back light display for ease of use. This remote allows you to recall up to 10 sounds at a time and view 5 sounds directly on the screen of the remote. It includes dual hi-output horn speakers that can remotely change sounds from the left to the right speakers.


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Benefits of Using Electronic Predator Calls


Due to the ever-increasing number e-caller brands, it is necessary to do thorough research to discover the best brand and model that will meet your hunting needs, while remaining within your budget. Here are some of the reasons why you should use electronic predator calls as well as the features you should look for when you are buying a new one.


  • Using an e-caller enables you to maintain a steady focus and keep your gaze on your surroundings so you can have a good chance of catching a sneaky coyote.
  • Good e-calls are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions including snow and strong wind. Electronic calls can withstand heavy rains and be dropped in mud many times.
  • These electronic predator calls have the capacity to store and playback a variety of recorded calls including mating calls, distress calls and calls of various types of animals.
  • Both low and high-end electronic calls have programmable features. This gives you a chance to apply your creativity to create sounds that will quickly bring your game out of hiding and overcome the tricks of smart adaptable animals like the coyote.

Features to look for when buying electronic predator calls


Speakers and Sound Quality

The quality of sound produced by your electronic caller will determine how soon your game will show up and move towards your trap. Good e-callers produce very loud, crisp, and clear sounds. They don’t produce distortions in wind, snow or rain. In fact, some electronic calls are so versatile, they can produce two different sounds simultaneously.


Sound Library

A good electronic caller should have a large selection of recorded sounds stored in the sound library, which you can easily access with your remote. Many reputable brands have at least 20 calls pre-loaded, with additional storage capacity to hold hundreds of calls. It is important to confirm that the model you intend to buy has the type of sounds or calls you need to hunt your game. However, most e-callers have a USB port that you can use to add more sounds.


Ease-of-Use (The Remote)

The remote of the e-caller is one of the most vital components. So it should have a full color LCD or LED, and a control layout that is simple to use. The control range of the remote varies greatly – some are as low as 30 yards while others extend over 300 yards. A good remote should be able to send signals from a distance of 200 yards or longer. The control layout on your remote should simplify the process of selecting a call, combining calls, adjusting the brightness of the display, and programming the caller.



Good e-callers are lightweight and portable. They have speaker cases that are rugged and covered with camouflage coating. For mounting and stability it should have tripod mounting threads and elevated legs that can be used to place it close to the trap. The batteries should also be easy to remove and replace.


How To Successfully Use An Electronic Predator Call And Avoid Making Mistakes


The popularity of Coyote and Predator hunting has grown at an incredible speed over the course of the past few years. Besides the thrill hunters derive from seeking these wild animals, the plentiful numbers of such animals, the necessity of hunting to protect farms and the fact that the hunting isn’t limited to seasons have rendered the practice a sought after recreational activity and fulfilling passion to many.

However, varmint hunting can be quite challenging. The cunning nature of these animals is such that traditional hunting methods can rarely be used against them. Instead, their instincts and calls must be used to lure them. Learning to use a good game call is the easiest and most practical way to hunt these animals. A good model has a variety of uses: it can fragment group dynamics, assemble, or result in lone calls from the coyote. These reactions can all be used to set targets and eventually, neutralize them.

Successfully Using A Call



The key to successfully using this tactic is to practice. Incredibly intelligent and often feared varmints seem to have an uncanny ability to sense when they are being hunted. To avoid failing in your endeavors, you need to ensure you both have a good call available to you and have practiced using it several times.

You must have enough confidence in your equipment to be able to switch from one to another if the situation requires it. If a sudden change enables the coyote to sense your presence, they will immediately desert the field. You must also practice your model with different volumes as animals respond to calls differently when they’re at different sound levels.

Different types of calls

Depending on the time of the year varmints will be doing different things and have different calls overriding their natural defenses. For instance, during mating season a pup’s call will attract the most attention and can be an almost definite manner to draw coyote in.

Furthermore, skills such as mastering your volume can also prove themselves to be effective as predators are likely to respond should the call grow weaker. This is considered a call for help that most commonly results into coyote gathering closer to the origin of the call.

Mistakes You Must Avoid

Though mastering your electronic call may give you the impression you are ready to successfully hunt predators, several common mistakes might make it practically impossible. The most common forms of mistakes are outlined below:

  • Not scouting area before your hunt begins
    When hunting other species, most hunters spend a substantial amount of time looking for tracks and checking the area before the real fun begins. You must be adamant there is a substantial number of coyote or other predators that you are after, reside in a specific area before you bother sending out calls. Scouting might be necessary.
  • You’re not mixing up your calls
    You are more likely to be successful in your tactics if you use sounds the species that you are targeting aren’t used to hearing. If an area is over hunted, more than likely most savvy predators have trained themselves to recognize calls hunters most commonly use. It is wise to mix it up and not use the same “rabbit in distress” call every time out.
  • You’re not seeing them
    It is common to manage to draw in coyote but to simply be unable to see them. Make sure you are proficient at spotting them prior to hunting. You have to make sure that you are positioned at a view point that you can see them from every direction no matter where you are setup. It is possible that you have called animals in but spooked them away at the last minute by not seeing them
  • You are not positioned correct
    Huge fences and other noticeable materials will allow different species to notice you even before you notice them. Depending on where you are hunting, it might be wise to park your truck far away from where you are going to hunt. It would also be smart to only wear hunters orange and camouflage when you go out.


Why An Electronic Predator Call Is Better Than A Mouth Call


Some experienced hunters tout the value and effect of mouth calls. But with more discerning animals that will quickly hide at the sight of a human, electronic calls are needed to have a sufficient advantage over these predators. Bear in mind that the ancient manual methods require a longer learning curve, which could take you years to master. If you want to be a more effective hunter, you should be aware of the following advantages that electronic calls have over mouth calls.

A Massive Number of Sounds Are Available

Electronic call devices have the capacity to record and store hundreds of sounds. They can store virtually all possible sounds in every frequency that animals can produce including those that are not audible to the human ear. You can use these devices to mimic distress calls of various animals that will attract predators. Most top brands come with a few hundred calls and allow you to add hundreds of other calls.

Electronic Calls Are Programmable

E-callers give you an opportunity to be creative and apply the most suitable combination of calls that will bring out your game. Some brands allow you to dynamically fade sound from left to right to mimic the natural movement of prey while some allow you to play two different sounds at the same time. This means that you can play the sound of a yelp and howl or any other two distress calls. You can also control the pitch of your calls to extend the use of the calls stored in the call library.

Ease of Use and Control

When you use an e-caller, you can place the device at a convenient place and have your hands free to handle your equipment and ammunition. This is also allows you to use binoculars to spot your game. With the remote which has an LCD or LED screen, you can easily navigate different sound lists and categories efficiently. Many remotes can send signals over 300 yards. Some electronic game calls also provide analytics that give you a real time measurement of the temperature, atmospheric pressure, and moon phase as well as shot timer, stand duration and battery level.

Unmatched Sound and High Volume

Many e-caller units now come with four speakers: two horn speakers and two tweeters. These speakers provide high quality sound and adequate loudness. You may also add external speaker jacks on some units if you need to boost the sound. This is particularly useful when you are going to hunt in a blizzard. Your electronic call will provide good sound even when you are hunting in snow or rain. Also, many brands have a speaker swivel that allows you to focus your sound in a particular direction.

Now that you see the main features of electronic calls, you can see why they are much better than manual mouth calls. With an e-caller, you can be sure of consistent performance with high powered programmable sound, superior durability.


Why Coyote Hunting Is Necessary

Hunting coyote helps to control their population, especially when it is done in a decent and ethical way. But there are other benefits of coyote hunting like preventing the spread of diseases and making use of their fur. Here is a brief outline of the reasons why coyote hunting is necessary.
Preserve Other Game

As the population of coyotes rises, they require more food to stay alive. Coyotes feed on animals like rabbits, deer, turkeys and ducks. Apart from the game that is their main source of food, hungry or starving coyotes also move into homes and eat pets and livestock. So an increase in the number of coyotes reduces the population of game animals and serves as a threat to our precious pets. This means that by hunting coyotes, you are preserving other animals and reducing the threat to traditional hunting.
Stop the Spread of Disease

Hunting coyotes helps to reduce the transfer of contagious diseases by these animals. Coyotes transmit diseases like parvo, rabis and trichinosis and they harbor parasites like worms, lice and fleas. Unfortunately, coyotes can transfer these diseases and harmful parasites to dogs, who can also transfer them to man. Although doctors can treat most of these diseases, prevention is always better.

Enjoy the Exciting Challenge

Coyotes are not conventional game animals, so hunting them can be a challenge. In fact, their clever attitude has earned them a place in North American folklore. They are cunning and adaptable so you need to be fast and smart to track one down and kill it. It takes a little more alertness, preparation and skill to successfully hunt and kill these predators. That is why you will have a deep sense of satisfaction any time you hunt a coyote successfully.

Make Use of their Fur

Although coyote fur is not as valuable as it used to be a many decades ago, and the sell of it is banned in most areas, it is a greener alternative to synthetic materials. Apart from making a little money by selling coyote’s fur, using a coat made from coyote fur is a way of protecting the environment since the fur is durable and biodegradable. Before you attempt to sell this fur in your area, you should check with your local game and fish department to see if it is permitted.

Coyote hunting is an excellent way to manage their population growth and reduce the negative impact on other animals and humans. When you hunt a coyote, you will enjoy the fulfillment that comes with catching a smart animal and you may have the opportunity to make some additional income by selling the fur.





A good electronic predator call will improve your game and make it easy for you to hunt a wide variety of wildlife from mountain lions to wild turkeys. Remember that the best e-callers are exceptionally loud (without speaker distortion), very durable, and they have great sound quality and programmability.