Do you like to spend time at the range polishing up your skills? If so, you may want to look into  good ear protection. The best electronic ear muffs help to protect the ears from dangerous loud noises. Unprotected exposure to loud gunfire at shooting clubs has caused hearing impairment for many shooters. However, noise-induced ear impairments can be prevented with the use of suitable hearing protection. These modern, affordable, ear muffs can help you to filter out loud noise while you hear the normal ambient sounds while shooting and hunting.



Below Are Some Of The Best Electronic Ear Muffs For Shooting Available


Howard Leight R-01526 Howard Leight R-015264.6
Caldwell Low Profile Caldwell Low Profile4.5
Howard Leight R-01902 Howard Leight R-019024.3
Peltor Sport Tactical Peltor Tactical Sport4.5
Walker’s Game Ear Razor Walkers4.2



Howard Leight by Honeywell R-01526

Howard Leight R-01526These muffs are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day with minimal issues. The adjustable headband also ensures a snug and comfortable fit. Built-in directional microphones are excellent for amplifying range commands and provides more enhanced communication with your team. Amplification is automatically shut off when the ambient sound reaches 82dB. The ear cuffs are low profile making it ideal for firearm stock clearance. With a noise reduction rating of 22, it offers optimal protection from loud noises. It also includes an auxiliary input for MP3 players and scanners. It runs from 2 AAA batteries, which come included, and has an automatic shut off feature after 4 hours to help with retaining battery life. These muffs neatly fold away for storage when not in use. It is in the median range for price, so if you are looking for a good pair that provides great protection, this is a great option.


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Caldwell Low Profile E-Max


Caldwell Low ProfileIf you are new to the market, this is a great option that will allow you to enjoy some of the benefits of a good set of earmuffs without a big investment. The headband is padded and adjustable and the ear cups are cushioned to provide a comfortable fit for anyone who uses them. It includes two microphones (one in each ear cup) that amplify sounds below 85 dB to help you with hearing conversations and also helps you to identify the direction of the sound. These microphones will automatically shut off once the sound is above 85 dB to protect your hearing. Additionally, it includes true stereo sound for better localization, and it includes a volume control knob so it can be customized to the user. It also has auxiliary ports for MP3 players and has low profile ear cups to reduce contact with gun stock. Two AAA batteries are needed and they are not included in the purchase.


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Howard Leight by Honeywell R-01902

Howard Leight R-01902With a noise reduction rating of 30, it has the best rating of all the earmuffs reviewed. These muffs shut off amplification when ambient sound is at 82dB or above. It boasts some of the best built-in directional microphones for natural listening and better communication. They also passively block sounds at 30dB. Rubber pressure points prevent gun stock scratching, and the padded adjustable headband provides a good level of comfort for the user. They come standard with the two AAA batteries needed as well as a connection cord for your MP3 player and/or scanners. There is an auto shut-off feature after 4 hours to extend your battery life.


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Peltor Sport Tactical 100

Peltor Tactical SportThese are probably the most comfortable of the muffs on the market. Peltor recently re-engineered their headband to improve the fit and ensure it fits more comfortably. The ear pads are extremely comfortable and seal well to provide better noise reduction. The 3M technology suppresses louder noises and will amplify the lower sounds to help with communication and finding your prey. They have a noise reduction rating of 22, and the microphones are recessed to aid in reducing noise from the wind. The cups are also low profile for better rifle/shotgun clearance. The audio jack is compatible with most MP3 players and 2-way radios. These muffs run on 2 AAA batteries (not included) and have a 2 hour automatic shut off to help with extending the life of your batteries. When reading electronic ear muff reviews you can see why this set is always near the top.


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Walker’s Game Ear Razor Slim

Walkers Razor SlimIf you want to make a fashion statement with your gear, these may be an excellent option for you. They come in several options of colors and prints to fit any style preference. They also have a slim folding design for maximum storage when not in use. These muffs boast sound activated compression (SAC) which compresses louder noises (i.e. gun shots), but doesn’t completely shut off sound. This allows you to hear range commands and communicate well with your team. The noise reduction rating is 23. It comes standard with a headphone jack for MP3 players and also includes the 2 AAA batteries needed for the device. These are also very comfortable and light-weight.


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What To Look For In Good Set Of Ear Muffs


Noise Reduction Rating

The noise reduction rating (NRR) is a measure of the effectiveness (in decibels dB) of all kinds of hearing protection equipment including ear muffs. You should pay close attention to the NRR provided by the manufacturer when you are buying ear protection. For small caliber arms, you should get ear muffs with NRR of 22 dB, while for hand guns and long guns an NRR of 25 should be sufficient. Indoor shooting, however, requires a much higher NRR, which should be between 26 and 33 dB.


Quality of Microphone and Speakers

The electronic components embedded in these ear muffs include microphones, speakers and amplifiers. The price of the muffs usually dictates the quality of these components. For instance, the low cost muffs usually have just one or two microphones and a stop-type of amplifier that shuts off when it detects very loud noise. Thus, you will experience a short time lapse before before you hear ambient sounds again. This type of muff does not give directional sounds.

However, in the high end versions, which use better technology, you can hear the low volume sounds continuously even when high decibel sounds are cut off. More microphones and speakers are also embedded to help you detect the distance and direction of ambient sounds.



The importance of the appearance of your gear goes beyond the aesthetics of the design. Functionality is more important. The appearance should not allow the hunting target to spot you from a distance and run away. So colors like fluorescent yellow, orange, luminous green and bright red should not be part of the design. A nicely designed prduct, which can be used for hunting, should have a camouflage design that blends with the surroundings.



The comfort and fit of your gear will enhance their performance. Good ear protection should have contoured ear cups and an ergonomic design that enhances all-day comfort. If you are out in the wild hunting for several hours, the last thing you want is to have a piece of ear protection gear that is irritating your eyes. The material used for the cups should be breathable and easy to remove and clean. It must not irritate your skin or cause allergies.


Benefits Of Electronic Ear Muffs Work


Electronic ear muffs are part of a larger group of accessories known as Protective Body Equipment. They are officially known as Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuffs by at least one of the companies producing and marketing the devices.

Electronic ear muffs for shooting provide superior hearing protection to help prevent hearing loss from unusually loud sounds such as the discharge of ammunition. That makes these sets a good accessory to take on hunting trips or to shooting practice at the local shooting range.

Not intended to serve as fashion statements or to even provide heat to a hunter’s cold ears, these specialty items have the dual capacity to produce sounds that help protect the human ear from sounds that could cause actual hearing loss. The other component consists of a protective soundproofing earmuff within which the electric sound component is embedded.

Conventional earplugs are not suited for this protective function, as regular earplugs do not contain the essential soundproofing material so necessary to preserve hearing. Exposure to harmful noise levels can easily result in unspecified amounts of hearing loss, which can’t be restored. Having access to a protective device like a set of electronic ear muffs can help avoid hearing loss to hunters and individuals who like to practice at a shooting range.

The possible implications for law enforcement professionals should also be considered. They typically must keep their shooting accuracy skills in shape and thus these professionals should also be considered by the marketers of electronic ear muffs.

Although these protective devices are truly not designed to be used as fashion statements, they are available in numerous color choices. These choices include forest green and camo. Individuals wishing to take advantage of the devices can choose colors from forest green to camo, with other selections in between.

The choice of using this specialized gear by a hunter, law enforcement professional,or hobbyist, can determine the difference between suffering irreversible hearing loss and protecting valuable hearing skills. With the retail price of these items averaging $45.00 USD online, the purchase of one of these sets should be on every hunter’s shopping list or equipment inventory.



How Wearing Ear Muffs Can Make You A Better Shooter

Wearing ear protection is an essential safety requirement for all shooters. Hearing protection technology has brought many comfortable and effective solutions that can keep you from experiencing permanent hearing impairment. But there’s another reason why you should use them – they can make you a better shooter. Here are some of the unique benefits you will enjoy when you use this essential device.

Improved Hearing That Aids Your Shooting

When you have a premium set, you will not only protect your hearing, you will also be able to hear clean, clear and distinct sounds. These hearing protection devices have multi-directional microphones with independent volume control. The microphones on the external part of the muffs pick up sounds and amplify them electronically before you hear them. So you will be able to hear movement of animals, wind, leaves, and other sounds in your immediate environment and discern their source and direction better than your bare ears. Consequently, you will be able to quickly locate the direction where a deer, turkey, coyote or any other game is coming from and hit your target.

Better Conversation With Other Shooters

The recent models of these devices contain superior amplifier technology that delivers excellent sound compression. This allows you to hear low level sounds and enjoy a good conversation with your fellow shooters or hunters. This is unlike the old earmuffs that require you to shout before you can hear a conversation with another shooter who is nearby without distracting or spooking your game. Your fellow hunter can also speak to you quietly so you can help each other to make better decisions when you are hunting together. To communicate with fellow shooters on phone you may also opt for Bluetooth enabled set.

More Effective Protection

This equipment will protect your eyes better than ear plugs. In addition to the superb omni-directional microphone, powerful amplifiers, and the ability to play music. In recent times, the slimmer designs have increased the comfort of these devices. So if you have to hunt in a hot and humid climate that will cause you to sweat a lot, you can use the slim ear muffs. With the technical improvements in the density and quality of the sound-absorbing foam, you can enjoy effective ear protection whether you are shooting a rifle or a shot gun.

Wearing high quality electronic hearing protection can actually improve your performance when you are shooting or hunting. Ear muffs enhance your ability to hear ambient sounds of animals and make it easier for you to communicate while they perform their principal function of protecting your ears.


What Every Shooter Needs To Know About Hearing Protection

Every shooter needs to be aware of the health risks associated with this sport. The noise from the shooting and recoil can have adverse effects on the hears. So you should use the best hearing protection devices any time you go to hunt or shoot. Here are some important points to note about hearing protection.

Just One Shot Can Damage Your Ears

You should never attempt to fire a gun or go to a shooting range without putting on hearing protection. Guard your ears diligently because just one shot can lead to serious ear damage. One of the common hearing conditions caused by shooting with unprotected ears is tinnitus. A person suffering from tinnitus usually starts to experience a brief buzz or high pitched whistle in the ears. This could be followed by dizziness, disorientation, regular discomfort and pain in the ears.

Most Hearing Impairments are Irreversible

Prolonged shooting without guarding the ears will eventually cause permanent ear damage. Older shooters, who have practiced the sport for 20 years, usually find it hard to discern between high-pitched noises. Once they are in a crowded place like a park, crowded pub or train terminus, most of the sounds become difficult to distinguish. If you enjoy shooting and you intend to practice the sport for several hours in a day, you must use the sound protection you can afford to protect your ears.

Choose the Right Type of Hearing Protection

Two popular types of hearing protection are available now: ear plugs and ear muffs. Plugs are less cumbersome, easier to wear, and they don’t interfere with a cheek weld. If you are going for hunting alone in a relatively quiet territory and other hunters are many miles away from you, you may use an plug.

On the other hand, ear muffs have high density foam pads that cover the entire ear. Electronic ear muffs also have multiple omni-directional microphones and amplifiers that enable you to hear ambient sounds distinctly. They also compress the loud sound of a gun shot so you can hear it without any damage to your ears. With this type of ear muff, you can have a conversation with a fellow shooter without shouting loud or taking off your ear guard. If you need to communicate with someone on the phone, while you are shooting, you can also get ear muffs that can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Using the right type of hearing protection will prevent you from having any unpleasant and irreversible hearing damage. When you are planning to go out for shooting, choose the most appropriate ear protection, which will allow you to hear ambient sounds, and communicate effectively, without affecting your shooting performance.




It is extremely important to protect your ears when you go shooting. Remember that hearing impairments due to noise can be prevented but once hearing is lost, it is gone for good. When you purchase the best electronic ear muffs, they will enable you to hear the healthy sounds of rustling leaves and singing birds but they will block out the deafening sounds of gunfire.